What is KAHUNA massage

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word for healer or shaman it literally means guardian of the secret. In old traditions the massage ceremony was used to perserve or improve health as well as for raising awarenes when important decisions were to be made. I chose this name because it shifts the view of masasage services from human body to whole human being. My vision is to help people take care of their health in a holistic manner at both the physical and spiritual levels.Having obtained five years hands on experience at Dr. Weber's Physiotherapy Institute, I gained a valuable insight into how classical and alternative medicine can be optimised when working together. As a masseuse, I worked in sports arena at the Ice-hockey club Acroni Jesenice, in therapy at the Physiotherapy Institute of Dr. Weber, as well as in the wellness beauty spa, Warmbad Therme. In June 2018 I finished my Masters at the school of Reiki –and from September 2018, I study manual therapy (myofascial release - Anatomy Trains method by Tom Myers), so I have a wide range of techniques to offer. I am looking for the most effective way to synchronise the body and mind.

Where to find me

KAHUNA massage is located in Koroška ulica 7, at B&B Brezov gaj in Kranjska Gora. A quiet neighbourhood located behind the town's health centre.

How to book an appointment

It is possible to book an appointment simply by calling or texting +386 (0)31 371 416. You

Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian massage 75 min

Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian massage is a rythmic whole body massage which is performed to the rhythm of traditional Hawaiian music. It is a very sensual massage appropriate for open and not too shy people, as the client is uncovered for most of the treatment. The massage is performed on an oily massage table without a sheet under or over the client which makes the movements fluctuate, and is gentle over the whole body. It is a ritual that releases emotional tension and allowes deep relaxation and sometimes even visions.

Whole body massage 55 min

This is a classical or Swedish whole body massage. Its characteristics are a smooth superficial beginning which intensifies deeper into the muscles, followed by the superficial thechniques being repeated. The pressure of the massage is always directed toward the heart thus it has a significant effect on the vascular lymphatic system. The alternating pressure from superfical to deep and back also provides a benefical psychological effect .

Sports massage 50 min

Sports massage is suitable for professional and recreational athletes, as well as physical workers. It is based on classical massage techniques with stronger pressure and additional elements of passive stretching. The focus of the massage is on the parts of the body that carry the most load in the particular sport or physical activity. This massage allows the tissue to regenerate more quickly and restores its elasticity thus providing greater potential.

Float spa 30/60 min

Take some time for yourself in a solution of magnesium (bitter) salt, your body and mind will be grateful. The experience of floating is anchored in us by the time we spent in the womb. It stimulates the feelings of security that we experienced before the stress of the outside world transformed us. This memory allows a state of complete relaxation (theta-meditative state), while the body absorbs magnesium and other minerals that help regenerate the body more quickly. The treatment is recommended for businessmen, athletes and students, as well as other people who need faster regeneration after extreeme efforts. It works even better as a method of strengthening the immune system and prevention against the harmful effects of stress.

Reflexology - Foot reflex massage 50 min

This massage affects the whole body through reflex points and areas on the foot conected to the body part that it infuences. It works through the nerve impulses that are simulated on the foot and then transmitted to the brain and transfered to the appropriate parts of the body. Massage can be performed gently or with a strong pressure which provokes intense pain, but promotes a strong therapeutic effect. It is a natural method for balancing the energy levels of a person, and that contributes to better physical health..

Therapeutic massage 40 min

This massage covers a wide range of techniques, ranging from very mild harmonic to deep muscular-fascial techniques as well as articulatory mobilization. It adresses the part of the body that is already painful, therefore an active participation of the client in required. It is necesary to describe the symptoms as accurately as possible as well ,as well as the feelings that arise during treatment . It is recommended for people with pain in the musculoskeletal system, vertigo , ongoing headaches and insomnia.

Lymph drainage 40 min

It is mainly used to treat swelling of the limbs in the case of injuries or swelling of the legs due to the weakening of the lymphatic system caused by long-standing or seated positions. The lymphatic system is like a human cleaning device therefore it is also used to improve the immune system, and supports detox diets or can be used as an anticellulite treatment. It is also recommended to improve skin conditions, after cosmetic surgery or after surgical removal of the lymph nodes

Partial massage (back, legs/arms, head, abdomen) 25/30 min

This kind of massage involves only one area of the body. Back massage is most often required and can be performed at preferred pressure. However, any part of the body in need of attention can be addressed. In the case of a head or abdomenal massage, multiple repetitions are recommended to achieve a long-term therapeutic effect such as reduction of headaches or the regulation of digestion.

Reiki relaxation treatment 20 min

Reiki treatment is a Japanese relaxation technique that is carried out by simply the laying of hands on the body. This is an energy technique that allows an increased flow of life energy. In Japanese culture it is known under the name KI, and REI means supreme, holy or royal. By laying the hands on the body we direct the increased flow of energy into the area under the hands. It depends on the openess of a client as to how much energy will be accepted. It usually produces a light sensation, calms the breath and brings about profound relaxation. The treatment is suitable for people who find it hard to relax on their own, or after long andexhausting diseases and for people with symptoms of burnout.

Kinesiotaping 10-15 min

Kinesiotaping is a technique of applying elastic, self-adhesive tape on the skin. A different style of cutting and applying the tape is used depending on the effect we want to achieve. It